Google Chrome – Getting Entire List of Twitter Followers

The Bad:

Warning: this is an unofficial, non-Twitter approved way to easily gett a list of your Twitter followers.

The Good:

This is a really easy, can’t hurt anything method. Using just Google Chrome Developer Tools (part of the browser). But hey, if Twitter sends you a nasty letter, please don’t blame me.

The Scenario:

As of today, Twitter only shows about 18 of your followers at once. As you scroll down on your page, it loads another 18, so on and so on. If you have thousands of followers, getting to your first followers is kind of a pain, and would take forever. The below few chunks of javascript basically scroll the page to the end, and allow you to see the entire list.

Step 1. Open dev tools by hitting F12.

Step 2. Click the Console tab (maybe between Elements and Sources).

Step 3. Visit your followers page (ie:

Step 4. Paste the below code into the Console (next to the “>”):

for (i = 0; i < 5000; i++) {

    setTimeout(function() {

        if ($(".has-more-items")[0]) {
            window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight);

        } else {

    }, i * 1000);


Step 5. When it finished at and the bottom of your page, run the below to get a list of your followers copied to the clipboard:

var r = '';
$( ".ProfileCard-screenname .u-linkComplex-target" ).each(function( index ) {
r = r + $(this).text() +  "\n";



Do the above Step 4 on your “following” page, and then run the below to show people you’re following, but don’t follow you:

$( ".u-size1of2:has(.FollowStatus)" ).hide();
Google Chrome – Getting Entire List of Twitter Followers

Tweet button / link without javascript – HTML only

Twitter buttonIf you’ve ever wanted to include a ‘Tweet’ button or link but didn’t want to use the popular Tweet Button code from Twitter (it uses a remote javascript function), there is an alternate approved method called “Intents”. This function works great for instances when simple HTML is preferred (emails, pages geared toward older or simple browsers, etc.). However it doesn’t provide extras like showing how many have used the button or creating the image automatically. So how does it work?

Using Twitter’s Web Intents, you can create links like below:

<a href="
&text=Checkout this awesome blog.&via=chrisbitting&hashtags=twitter"
 title="Tweet" target="_blank">Tweet</a>

Which looks like: Tweet

No Javascript!

Be sure to check the documentation for more options and details:

Tweet button / link without javascript – HTML only