How To Install Redis on Windows and Get Started With C#

Dictionary_IconRedis is a key-value store that is fast, sits in memory and runs on many different platforms. Installing on Windows isn’t straightforward from the Redis site, so below are the steps I use to get going.

1. Download the latest .zip from:

2. Extract these files to a folder (I did f:\redis)

3. In a command prompt, run


(from your directory above).

Redis should now be running on port 6379. You can change this in  if you’d like.

4. Start a new Visual Studio Project (I’m using c# / .net 4.5).

5. In Package Manager Console (NuGet) let’s install the client, run:

Install-Package StackExchange.Redis

6. Include using StackExchange.Redis;

7. Now you can use the below to save and get values:

  //setup your connection
  ConnectionMultiplexer redisConn = ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect("localhost");

 //get your db
 IDatabase redDb = redisConn.GetDatabase();

 //save a key & val
 redDb.StringSet("testKey", "test val");

 //get a key & val

This is just start of what Redis can do, find more at the official Redis site.

How To Install Redis on Windows and Get Started With C#